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Memphis, TN - FedEx Forum

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FedEx Forum
Memphis, TN
February 14-15, 2014

Monster Jam Racing Winner
Friday 7:30 PM: Monster EnergySaturday 7:30 PM: Spiderman

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner
Friday 7:30 PM: AvengerSaturday 7:30 PM: Avenger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Spider-Man™ driven by Bari Musawwir, Ground Pounder driven by Brandon Legarde, Wrecking Crew driven by Steve Koehler, Shock Therapy driven by Steven Hill, Predator - driver Allen Pezo, Prowler - driver Lenny Kuilder, Avenger driven by Jim Koehler and Monster Energy driven by Coty Saucier!!

Friday 7:30 PM

Memphis was rocking with 8 Monster Jam trucks giving it there all trying to make it to the Monster Jam World Finals XV March 20-22. As Big As it Gets is all that needs to be said when the Monster Jam Trucks hit the floor of the Fed X Forum. High lights from the begging to the end as each Monster Jam Driver did not hold back. The evening was kicked off with the Monster Jam Wheelie contest. With 2 hits on the crush cars the idea was to make it to the top of the leader board. Getting it started was Prowler with an 18. Tying it up was Ground Pounder. Monster Energy toped them both with a 22. Avenger soared above that with a 25 but in the end it was Spiderman winning with a score of 26.

Wrecking Crew 19

Shock Therapy DNS

Ground Pounder 18

Predator 16

Monster Energy 22

Spiderman 26

Prowler 18

Avenger 25

The Road to Monster Jam World Finals was fast and furious. The brackets were set with the Monster Jam Maniac Challenge with each Monster Jam Driver trying to set the fastest time for the top qualifying spot. Straight line racing was intense as it was the next competition out. Once set, each Monster Jam driver staged on the line with Las Vegas on there mind. With one exception, Spiderman has already been invited and looking to prove why he was. The semi finals were Monster Energy going against Ground Pounder, and Predator running against Spiderman. After Monster Energy and Spiderman crossed the finish line first in the semis, the finals were going to be good. Monster Energy was trying to take down Spiderman. Going to a photo finish it was Monster Energy coming out on top.

Round one

Monster Energy fastest time 15.4

Monster Energy with a bye

Ground Pounder def Prowler

Predator def Avenger

Spiderman def Wrecking Crew


Monster Energy def Ground Pounder

Spiderman def Predator

Championship Round

Monster Energy def Spiderman

Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Freestyle was more exciting than ever. Each Monster Jam driver had 60 seconds to strut there stuff. All the Monster Jam Trucks were going for gold with Hugh hits and total destruction of the Monster Jam course. The scores broke into the twenty’s when Predator was done. Continuing to climb Spiderman was looking good moving into first place with a 23. But with two time Monster Jam World Finals Champion in the house, is was Avenger taking home the prize with a score of 24.

Wrecking Crew 19

Shock Therapy 19

Ground Pounder 15

Predator 22

Monster Energy 20

Spiderman 23

Prowler 16

Avenger 24

By Travis Willis

Saturday 7:30 PM

Friday Night was fantastic, but Saturday Night was superb with the star studded lineup out to prove a point. As the Memphis crowd rolled in to the Fed X Forum the anticipation was building. Seeing all the flags flying and kids screaming it was unmatchable energy. This was translated to the Monster Jam Drivers and the Tennessee thunder was loud and proud. First up was Monster Jam wheelies and it was straight up Monster Jam trucks. Bumpers in the sky and tailgates on the ground it was a great competition. Spiderman and wrecking Crew were tied with a 21. Monster Energy topped that with a 23. But blowing by the competition it was Avenger winning the wheelie contest with a score of 26.

Wrecking Crew 21

Shock Therapy 20

Ground Pounder 18

Predator 15

Monster Energy 23

Spiderman 21

Prowler 16

Avenger 26

With two of the Monster Jam trucks in tonight’s line up all ready going to Monster Jam World Finals XV, everybody else was on a mission to do the same. The Monster Jam Metro PCS maniac challenge was quick and exciting. All the Monster Jam drivers were trying to set a fast qualifying time to get a good draw on the bracket. Once the brackets were set is was time for the straight line racing. When the Monster Jam trucks were staged and the light went green is was loud and fast. With every race on the road to the Monster Jam World finals as close as can be, it was down to two Monster Jam Trucks in the end. The championship race consisted of Spiderman competing against Monster Energy. When the Monster Jam finish line was crossed it was crowd favorite Spiderman with the win and the championship.

Round one

Fastest time was Spiderman 14.6

Spiderman def Shock Therapy

Ground Pounder def Avenger

Predator def Wrecking Crew

Monster Energy def Prowler


Spiderman def Ground Pounder

Monster Energy def Predator

Championship Round

Spiderman def Monster Energy

Two time Monster Jam World Final Freestyle Champion Avenger was the Friday nights winner and was planning on doing the same on Saturday. There is a reason he is two time champion but the other Monster Jam Trucks were not letting that title discourage them. 60 seconds is what each Monster Jam Driver had, and they were using up every bit of that as well as the entire course trying to take him down. Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Freestyle championship was full throttle from start to finish. With five of eight Monster Jam trucks scoring twenty or higher it was super intense. When the dirt stopped flying and the cars were all crushed it was Avenger taking the weekend sweep in Monster Jam freestyle with a score of 26.

Wrecking Crew 20

Shock Therapy 19

Ground Pounder 14

Predator 23

Monster Energy 21

Spiderman 24

Prowler 18

Avenger 26

By Travis Willis

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