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Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena

MonterJam logo
Quicken Loans Arena
Cleveland, OH
February 14-16, 2014

Monster Jam Racing Winner
Friday 7:30pm: Man of Steel
Saturday 2:00pm Man of Steel
Saturday 7:30pm Mohawk Warrior
Sunday 2:00pm: Mohawk Warrior

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner
Friday 7:30pm: Max-D
Saturday 2:00pm Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30pm Grave Digger
Sunday 2:00pm: Mohawk Warrior

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Randy Brown, Man of Steel™ driven by Joey Parnell, Max-D℠ driven by Morgan Kane, Mohawk Warrior® driven by BJ Johnson, Spike - driver Cody Rummell, Mega Bite driven by Brad Allen, War Wizard driven by Darren Goin, Rap Attack driven by Dave Rappach!!

Friday 7:30pm


Cleveland Rocks! Tonight's Monster Jam Brought to you by Air Force Reserve started out with the Monster Jam Wheelie contest. Each Monster Truck was to perform two Wheelies for their scores and tonight's wheelies were some of the best I have seen here at the Q. Rap Attack took home the trophy with a high score of 27 as the Monster Jam judges had to go to instant replays to decide the winner. Mohawk Warrior had the same score with his to wheelies but the judges decided Rap Attack won the event with a bonus of two more points. Mega Bite would finish third followed by Max D. with a score of 23.

    Man of Steel continued his winning streak as he took out Grave Digger by inches in the Championship race. Joey drove to the finals with wins over Mega Bite in round one and Mohawk Warrior in the semi finals. Grave Digger made it to the finals with wins over Spike and Max D. here are the pairings and winners of racing.

Round one Mohawk bye run also fastest in the maniac challenge to take the number one seed. Man of Steel def. Mega Bite, Max D, def. War Wizard and Grave Digger defeated Spike.

Semi Finals: Man of Steel defeated Mohawk Warrior and Grave Digger defeated Max D.

Finals Man of Steel defeated Grave Digger.

    Freestyle started with Mega Bite taking the early lead with a score of 17 but wouldn't last long as Mohawk Warrior would out shine Mega Bite with a score of 21.
BJ Johnson remained in the hot seat until Morgan Kane took Max D. to the limit and scored a high of 27 leaving only Grave Digger to try and beat him. Grave Digger gave it all he had but would fall short of a victory by one point with a 26.

Wheelie scores.
Rap Attack 27
Mohawk Warrior 27
Mega Bite 24
Max D. 23
Grave Digger 23
Spike 22
Man of Steel
War Wizard 17
Man of Steel 21

Freestyle Scores.
Max D. 27
Grave Digger 26
Man of steel 22
Mohawk Warrior 21
Mega Bite 17
War Wizard 14
Spike 16
Rap Attack broke


Saturday 2:00pm

    The Monster Jam Party in the Pits kicked off today's event at the Q in beautiful down town Cleveland. As the fans filed in to meet the super stars of Monster Jam the competition was fierce as Mohawk Warrior took home the first Trophy of the day as the winner of the wheelie contest. Mohawk Warrior bested the field with two solid wheelies for a high score of 21 beating last night's winner Rap Attack by one point. Max D. and Grave Digger would tie for third with scores of 19.

    BJ Johnson seemed to be on a roll and was looking for another trophy in racing as he blasted across the finish line twice to make his way to the championship race were he would meet the very fast Man of Steel. In the finals both Monster Jam trucks were on the throttle hard before the green light would flash as the rookie BJ Johnson would almost false start giving the advantage to Man of Steel. Parnell was steady behind the wheel and took the racing win over Mohawk for his second straight racing title of the weekend. Man of Steel defeated Rap Attack in round one and Mega Bite in the Semi Finals to add to his collection of wins for this year. He is now an astonishing 33 & 16 when it comes to Arena racing.

    Grave Digger who was still looking for his first win of the weekend would squeak out today's Freestyle trophy by one point over Max D. Both Monster Jam trucks wowed the fans with some spectacular air off of the FMX landing ramp along with some wicked doughnuts. Mohawk Warrior and Man of Steel also thrilled the fans in freestyle by scoring identical scores of 23 for third place. In the end all Monster Jam Trucks had the fans on their feet the entire show and we look for the same tonight when Monster Jam returns at 7:30.

Wheelie Scores.
Mohawk Warrior 21
Rap Attack 20
Max D. 19
Grave Digger 19
Man of Steel 18
Spike 17
Mega Bite 16
War Wizard (broke)

Racing round one: Mohawk Warrior bye (War Wizard out), Max D. def. Grave Digger, Man of Steel def. Rap Attack and Mega Bite defeated Spike.

Semi Finals: Mohawk Warrior defeated Max D. and Man of Steel defeated Mega Bite.

Finals: Man of Steel defeated Mohawk Warrior.

Freestyle scores.
Grave Digger 27
Max D. 26
Mohawk Warrior 23
Man of Steel 23
Spike 22
Mega Bite 19
Rap Attack 17
War Wizard (Did not compete)



Saturday 7:30pm.


    It doesn't get any better than Monster Jam in Cleveland. The fans tonight witness Some amazing action from the Wheelie Contest to Racing and into Freestyle. Mohawk warrior was tonight's wheelie champion for the second straight time and then kept the momentum going into racing capturing that trophy as well. It seem that BJ Johnson was going to sweep the night as he only had freestyle to go but Grave Digger wasn't going to let that happen. Randy Brown in Digger fashion had the fans on their feet as he won the Freestyle competition by one point over Max-D.


    Other high lights for the fans tonight was some spectacular roll overs and saves that these awesome Monster Jam drivers accomplished tonight. From high wheel stands from Rap Attack and for sure from Spike and the young driver Cory Rummel who took second place with a score of 26. In racing a few photo finishes from the semi finals with Man of Steel and Max-D. to the Championship race Between Max-D and Mohawk Warrior had the fans on the edge of their seats. When it was time for freestyle the first to Monster Jam trucks to go had some wild rides that left a lot of carnage on the floor.


Wheelie scores.

Mohawk Warrior 27

Spike 26

Rap Attack 24

Man of Steel 20

Max-D. 19

Grave Digger 19

War Wizard 17

Mega Bite 16


Racing round one: Mohawk Warrior by (Rap Attack did not compete), Grave Digger def. Spike, Man of Steel def. War Wizard and Max-D. defeated Mega Bite.


Semi Finals: Mohawk defeated Grave Digger and Max-D. defeated Man of Steel.


Finals: Mohawk Warrior defeated Max-D.


Freestyle scores.

Grave Digger 26

Max-D. 25

Mohawk Warrior 22

Spike 17

Mega Bite 10

War Wizard (Did not compete)

Rap Attack (Did not compete).



Announcers Greg Whitacre and Matt Isbill.


For the last show here at The Q in Cleveland, Ohio the crowd was red hot and ready for some Monster Jam action this afternoon.

With a packed house this afternoon, at the beginning of the show BJ Johnson in Mohawk Warrior took the Wheelie Trophy to the delight of the fans with a score of 24 standing the truck straight up and walking the truck across the racing lanes on both wheelie hits.  Below are the scores of the Wheelie Competition

Wheelie Scores:
Megabite: 13
Spike: 17
Mohawk Warrior: 24
War Wizard: DNC
Rap Attack: 22
Superman Man of Steel: 21
Max-D: 21
Gravedigger: 18

Up next would be Monster Jam Racing.  BJ Johnson in Mohawk Warrior was on a mission to take the racing trophy as well and met hit teammate Max-D in the Monster Jam Championship Race on the road to Monster Jam World Finals 15.  The two drives came out to the starting lines ready to go.  In the end Mohawk Warrior came across the Monster Jam finish line as the Racing Champion.  BJ Johnson came out in his interview and gave his Monster Jam Trophy to his crew chief Josh for all the hard work he did to get the truck back together for the show!

Monster Jam Racing:

Round 1:
Mohawk Warrior over Spike
Gravedigger over Superman Man of Steel
Max-D over Megabite

Mohawk Warrior over Superman Man of Steel (FL)
Max-D over Gravedigger

Monster Jam Racing Championship on the Road to the World Finals
Mohawk Warrior over Max-D

The fans were jacked up for some Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Freestyle action!  Mohawk Warrior came out on a mission to take all three trophies for the weekend.  With some big air over the racing lanes,  some great wheelies over the FMX Ramp, and a spectacular cyclone to finish up his run, Mohawk Warrior would take the Fox Sports 1 Freestyle Championship Trophy with a score of 24!

Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Freestyle
Megabite: 15
Spike: 17
Mohawk Warrior: 24
War Wizard: DNC
Rap Attack: 18
Superman Man of Steel: 22
Max-D: 17
Gravedigger: 23

Cleveland, Ohio it has been a great weekend of Monster Jam action!  Tickets are on sale now for 2015!

Thanks and see you next year!

Matteau Isbill and Greg Whitacre

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