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Knoxville, TN - Thompson Boling Arena

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Thompson Boling Arena
Knoxville, TN
January 24-25, 2014

Monster Jam Racing Winner

Friday 7:30pm: Predator
Saturday 7:30 PM: Grave Digger

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner

Friday 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30 PM: Predator

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Monster Mutt℠ driven by Whit Tarlton, Predator - driver Allen Pezo, Prowler - driver Dale Mitchel , War Wagon driven by Andy Hoffman and Fullboar driven by Ed Eckert!!

Friday 7:30pm

Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville was the place to be on Friday night. The Monster Jam fans packed the arena for an exciting evening of all you favorite Monster Jam action. The trucks put the bumpers in the sky and the tail gates on the ground for Monster Jam Wheelie contest. Fullboar set the bar at 15 to start things out. The next truck Prowler was not able to move into first place, however Predator did for a moment. Then straight from the dog pound Monster Mutt scored a 25 and taking the lead by 6 points. It was then Grave Diggers turn, and he was gunning for gold. Only able to put up a 23 Monster Mutt went home the winner.

FullBoar 15

Prowler 13

Predator 19

War Wagon DNS

Monster Mutt 25 (winner)

Grave Digger 23

The next action was Monster Jam racing. Grave Digger received a bye run due to War Wagon not being able to make it to the line. Monster Mutt took down Prowler and moved on to the semi finals. FullBoar was beat by Predator. Monster Mutt was then going against FullBoar who was the fastest loser, with Monster Mutt going on to the Championship round. Grave Digger was going up against Predator. Predator won by inches and went on to the championship round. The road to World Finals 15 was set. Monster Mutt going up against Predator. The light went from red to green and the race was on. Predator was victorious winning the Championship round.

Digger w/ bye

Prowler vs. Monster Mutt (winner)

Fullboar vs. Predator (winner)

Semi Finals

Fullboar vs. Monster Mutt (winner)

Grave Digger vs. Predator (winner)


Monster Mutt vs. Predator (winner)

I-Hop Donut contest was next on the list. The wheels started spinning and smoke was boiling. Hometown driver FullBoar took over the number one spot with a 22 knocking down Predator who had a 21. Monster Mutt was going for his second win on the night but only able to put up a 20. Then the Mean green wrecking machine was out last. Stomping to competition and winning the I-Hop donut contest with a 27.

Prowler 11

Predator 21

War Wagon DNS

FullBoar 22

Monster Mutt 20

Grave Digger 27

Fox Sports 1 Freestyle contest was the highlight of the night. The Monster Jam drivers were out to impress the Knoxville crowd with some great freestyle action. Prowler took the lead early with a score of 16. Staying on top of the leader board until his team mate Predator came out. Scoring 18 Predator was the new leader. Monster Mutt was still going for his second win on the night, and it looked promising as he scored a 21 and was in the lead. Grave Digger was also wanting his second win on the night. And in true mean Green fashion he started to destroy the Monster Jam course. When it was all said and done grave Digger went home the champion beating out Monster Mutt by one point, scoring a 22.

Prowler 16

FullBoar 14

War Wagon DNS

Predator 18

Monster Mutt 21

Grave Digger 22

By Travis Willis

Saturday 7:30 PM

Yet another fantastic night of Monster Jam action in Knoxville! As the Tennessee crowd rolled into the arena, excitement was in the building. Tons on Monster Jam fans were ready for the start of the night’s action. The first competition of the event was the Monster Jam wheelie contest. All of the Monster Jam superstars were not backing down as they wanted to win. The first Monster Jam Truck up was the home town favorite, Fullboar scoring a 20. He stayed on top of the leader board until War Wagon’s turn. Standing the Monster Jam Truck straight up and down, then walking across the stack of cars, and finishing it off with a slap wheelie into the pits. He was untouchable and went home the champ.

FullBoar 20

Prowler 18

Predator 14

War Wagon 26

Monster Mutt 25

Grave Digger 25

It started out with six Monster Jam trucks competing for the number 1 spot on the Road to the Monster Jam World Finals XV. The straight line racing, bracket style competition narrowed the field down to the top two contenders for the championship race. Semi finals were Monster Mutt vs. War Wagon the fastest loser. War Wagon moved onto the championship race. Then Grave Digger was up against Fullboar. Grave Digger was the winner and moving on to the road to the World Finals. The championship race was on and Grave Digger took home the hardware.

Predator vs. Grave Digger (winner)

Prowler vs. Monster Mutt (winner)

War Wagon vs. Fullboar (winner)

Semi Finals

Monster Mutt vs. War Wagon (winner)

Fullboar vs. Grave Digger (winner)


War Wagon vs. Grave Digger (winner)

The I-Hop donut contest really stirred the crowd up. The WOW factor was in full effect as the Monster Jam drivers spun the heads off the ecstatic Monster Jam fans. As the first Monster Jam Truck got into the groove the pace steadily increased as the contest continued. Monster Mutt was looking good in 1st place until Grave Digger started. Going into a whirl wind and ending up on his lid, grave Digger scored a perfect 30 taking home the second I-Hop donut contest in Knoxville.

Prowler 18

Predator 16

War Wagon 6

FullBoar 19

Monster Mutt 22

Grave Digger 30

As the Monster Jam fans were still dizzy from the I-Hop donut contest the Fox Sports 1 Freestyle was up next. As Big as it Gets was an understatement when the competition started. All the Monster Jam trucks were trying to secure their spot in The Monster Jam World Finals XV March 21-22 in Las Vegas. The first Monster Jam truck Prowler set the bar at 17. War Wagon tied it up but Predator was the driver who could not be beat. Scoring a 24 Predator was the Fox Sports 1 freestyle Champion.

Prowler 17

FullBoar 18

War Wagon 17

Predator 24

Monster Mutt 23

Grave Digger 22

By Travis Willis

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