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Toronto, ON - Rogers Centre

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Rogers Centre
Toronto, ON
January 18-19, 2014

Monster Jam Racing Winner

Saturday 7 P.M.: Son-uva Digger
Sunday 2 P.M.: Grave Digger

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner

Saturday 7 P.M.: Max D
Sunday 2 P.M.: Son-uva Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Chad Tingler, Northern Nightmare℠ driven by Cam McQueen, Monster Mutt℠ Dalmatian driven by Taryn Laskey, Son-uva Digger® driven by Ryan Anderson, Monster Mutt℠ Rottweiler driven by Rod Schmidt, Max-D℠ driven by Neil Elliot, El Toro Loco® (Orange) driven by Chuck Werner, Avenger driven by Jim Koehler, Wrecking Crew driven by Steve Koehler, Spike driven by Cory Rummell, Mega Bite driven by Brad Allen, Aftershock driven by Bob Robbins, Krazy Train driven by Lloyd Twitchel, Higher Education driven by Jim Tracy, Iron Warrior driven by Trey Meyers and Dragon's Breath® driven by Scott Liddycoat!!

Saturday 7 P.M.

(Toronto, ON) The 2014 Maple Leaf Monster Jam presented by Gumout roared into Rogers Centre with a lineup never before seen in this Ontario province. With no less than four World Championship teams sending fire to their fifteen hundred horsepower racing engines, the raucous crowd was clearly ready for the greatest show in motor sports.

The weekend’s first event began with Maple Leaf Monster Jam Racing Qualifying presented by Gumout. Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger lit the Chicago-style course on fire with a blazing run of 20.85 seconds. Anderson came into Toronto a determined man after already enjoying a Championship Round appearance in Houston and a Fox Sports 1 Freestyle win in Atlanta so far in the 2014 season.

Qualifying times for the balance of the field shaped up as follows:

Monster Mutt Dalmatian 23.63 seconds
Spike 25.94 seconds
Avenger 23.00 seconds
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 23.72 seconds
Mega Bite 23.29 seconds
Iron Warrior 26.22 seconds
Northern Nightmare 23.06 seconds
Wrecking Crew 28.78 seconds
Grave Digger 21.34 seconds
Higher Education 29.50 seconds
Aftershock 24.12 seconds
Krazy Train 29.62 seconds
Dragon’s Breath 25.94 seconds
Max D 20.88 seconds
El Toro Loco 26.37 seconds

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Racing Round one paired number one qualifier Son-uva Digger against Krazy Train, with Son-uva Digger taking the win. Monster Mutt Rottweiler barked past Aftershock, while Northern Nightmare took the fight out of Iron Warrior. El Toro Loco sped past Avenger, Grave Digger buried Wrecking Crew, and Canada’s Scott Liddycoat in Dragon’s Breath torched Mega Bite. Other Round One races saw Monster Mutt Dalmatian bite a chunk off Spike, and Max D disposed of Higher Education.

Monster Jam Racing Round Two saw Son-uva Digger continue his stellar evening with a narrow decision over Monster Mutt Rottweiler. In the next race, it was Northern Nightmare over El Toro Loco. Grave Digger then defeated Dragon’s Breath, while Max D eliminated Monster Mutt Dalmatian.

There would be no stopping Son-uva Digger in the Racing Semi-Final as young driver Ryan Anderson stormed past Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare. The other Semi-Final race saw Grave Digger defeat Max D. This set up a Championship Race that looked a lot like what happened in Houston early in 2014.

But unlike Houston, tonight’s Monster Jam Championship Racing Round would see Chad Tingler behind the wheel of Grave Digger. Defeated by his father Dennis Anderson in Houston on January 4th of this year, Ryan Anderson was bound and determined to take out the black and green wrecking machine this time around.

As both trucks staged, the tension could be felt inside the massive Rogers Centre. When the lights turned green, both trucks got a great start off the line. But as the race developed, it was clear that Ryan Anderson smelled victory the most. Anderson soared Son-uva Digger across the Gumout finish line in grand fashion and took the big championship race in style.

Fox Sports 1 Freestyle Competition took the excitement level up yet another notch. This event was absolutely full of carnage with the likes of Grave Digger, Northern Nightmare, Monster Mutt Rottweiler, Avenger, Dragon’s Breath, Spike, and Wrecking Crew suffering varying forms of damage. And although Neil Elliot created a ton of wreckage on his own, he managed to limp his wildly competitive Max D into Bonus Time. He spent the extra thirty seconds keeping his fans on the edge of their seats, earning a competition-winning score of 27 points.

The drivers battled to the following final Fox Sport 1 Freestyle scores:

Max D 27
Northern Nightmare 25
Avenger 24
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 23
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 22
Aftershock 22
Wrecking Crew 21
Spike 19
Mega Bite 16
Higher Education 16
Dragon’s Breath 16
Son-uva Digger 14
Grave Digger 14
Krazy Train 9
El Toro Loco 6
Iron Warrior 3

In other motor sports competition, Team USA narrowly edged out Team Canada in the Quad Wars Final after losing the first two heat races. In Maple Leaf Off Road Racing, Ken Sherret took the victory on the big oval in a time of 23.15 seconds.

There is no doubt that it will be a late night for the hard working crews of Maple Leaf Monster Jam as they try to piece together some very damaged Monster Jam trucks. But it is what they do best, and it is why they are known as some of the most talented mechanics in all of motor sports. We are confident they will spin the wrenches the right way as we get ready to take to the track once again Sunday at 2 PM.

See you tomorrow!

By Darren Pallen

Sunday 2 P.M.

(Toronto, ON) The 2014 Maple Leaf Monster Jam presented by Gumout began with a fantastic Pit Party. The attendance was simply amazing, and the level of interest here was a tribute to the quality of the drivers.

The final event of the weekend began with Maple Leaf Monster Jam Racing Qualifying presented by Gumout. Chad Tingler in Grave Digger and Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger tied with a time of 20.69 seconds. It is interesting to note that these drivers met in the Monster Jam Championship Race last night, and came back today with a tie in qualifying. Things would prove to be just that competitive all day long here at Rogers Centre.

Qualifying times for the balance of the field shaped up as follows:

Monster Mutt Rottweiler 21.56 seconds
Max D 21.69 seconds
Northern Nightmare 21.81 seconds
El Toro Loco 22.22 seconds
Higher Education 23.00 seconds
Dragon’s Breath 23.16 seconds
Iron Warrior 23.59 seconds
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 23.59 seconds
Avenger 24.29 seconds
Mega Bite 24.47 seconds
Aftershock 24.62 seconds
Spike 26.03 seconds
Wrecking Crew 27.55 seconds
Krazy Train DNF

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Racing Round presented by Gumout saw some great matchups, but not before Grave Digger got the bye run due to the absence of Krazy Train. Dragon’s Breath defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Northern Nightmare scored a win over Mega Bite, Max D drove past Aftershock, and Monster Mutt Rottweiler took a bite out of Spike. Other Round One races saw El Toro Loco trample Avenger, Iron Warrior beat Higher Education. Son-uva Digger received the Bye Run after Wrecking Crew was unable to make the call.

In Round Two of Monster Jam Racing, it was Grave Digger over Dragon’s Breath, Northern Nightmare beating Max D, Monster Mutt Rottweiler advancing past El Toro Loco, and Son-uva Digger storming past Iron Warrior.

The Monster Jam Racing Semi-Final paired Grave Digger against Northern Nightmare, with the team from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina taking the big win. The other race witnessed Monster Mutt Rottweiler driver Rod Schmidt defeat Son-uva Digger in what some people might consider an upset.

But keep in mind that driver Rod Schmidt has more wins in Toronto Monster Jam history than any other driver, with eleven victories to his credit. There would be no doubt that Schmidt would take this confidence into the Monster Jam Racing Championship Round presented by Gumout. His opponent would be Chad Tingler in Grave Digger, who is not a driver that is easily intimidated. Making his second Championship Round appearance in as many days, Chad Tingler in Grave Digger made things right as he stormed across the Gumout Finish Line in the number one position.

While Maple Leaf Monster fans on Saturday night saw a ton of carnage inside Rogers Centre, todays show brought carnage levels to an all-time high. With sixteen of the top Monster Jam stars in the world doing battle, the fans certainly got their money’s worth. The drivers generated some unbelievable air, with Avenger and Northern Nightmare setting the tone in this department. This fact should come as no surprise as both drivers are World Freestyle Champions. Yet despite great performances by mostly everyone in the field, Ryan Anderson in Son-uva Digger quickly became the man of the hour with a breathtaking Fox Sports 1 Freestyle performance. To make it simple, he left his Kill Devil Hills based Son-uva Digger in a smoking heap on the track. This was good enough for a score of 28 points and the overall Freestyle victory.

The drivers generated the following final Fox Sport 1 Freestyle scores:

Grave Digger 25
Avenger 24
El Toro Loco 23
Aftershock 20
Wrecking Crew 18
Spike 18
Higher Education 17
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 17
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 16
Northern Nightmare 16
Krazy Train 14
Mega Bite 13
Iron Warrior 13
Dragon’s Breath 7

In other motor sports competition, Team Canada won the big money in Quad Wars, narrowly edging out a very tough Team USA. In Maple Leaf Off Road Racing, Travis Dinsmore was the class of the field as he stopped the timing clock in a staggering time of 19.50 seconds.

If this event is an indication of things to come for Canadian Monster Jam fans, then our friends in the west are in for a big treat in just two weeks time. It will be then that the Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour rolls in scenic Vancouver, British Columbia.

In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to both monsterjam.com and monsterjamcanada.ca as the Road to Las Vegas continues.

We will see you down the Trans- Canada Highway!

By Darren Pallen

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