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Sacramento, CA - Sleep Train Arena

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Sleep Train Arena
Sacramento, CA
January 17-19, 2014

Monster Jam Racing Winner

Friday Night: Batman
Saturday Night: Batman
Sunday : Grave Digger

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner

Friday Night: Grave Digger
Saturday Night: Grave Digger
Sunday : Bounty Hunter

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Jon Zimmer, Batman™ driven by John Seasock, Bounty Hunter driven by Jim Creten, Bad Habit driven by Joe Sylvester, Captain USA driven by Travis Groth, Double Trouble driven by Tyler Groth, Shocker driven by Pat Gerber and Time Flys driven by Kelvin Ramer

Friday Night

Friday Sacramento recap

Jon Zimmer, driving Grave Digger, did a tremendous job tonight. Not only as a Monster Jam Truck driver, but as a competitor and a good sportsman. Jon and Grave Digger worked for the win in the Wheelie Contest, after the bar was set tremendously high by Tyler Groth and Double Trouble, Jon was having to dynamite the brakes to pre-load the suspension and then hard into the loud peddle to get the black and green wrecking machine to stand straight up and down. In his winning interview he drew attention to Tyler Groth, driving Double Trouble, and his stellar wheelie. Ty was able to walk the truck the length of the crush car stack, keeping the truck completely vertical!! Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter, showed some of the 2Xtreme Motorsports horsepower, just using the sheer brute strength of the motor to stand the truck up.

Joe Sylvester and Bad Habit had what most thought was the winning freestyle run, as his speed and combo moves across the obstacles showed why this guy is a force to be reckoned with as the Road To The Monster Jam World Finals 15 continues on toward Vegas. This is where the sportsmanship of Jon Zimmer came in. Jon fought the truck all through his freestyle run, having electrical issues that shut the truck off twice and keeping Jon from getting in to his customary radical flow. Although he was awarded 2 more points than Joe and Bad Habit, Jon called Joe out to the victory lane and said that he felt Bad Habits run was the best and the real winners are the fans, so he took the Grave Digger flag from the back of the truck and took it to one side of the crowd while Joe took the freestyle plaque to the other. Class act, Jon Zimmer, class act.

John Seasock came out and won racing, by using his years of experience and the Batman horsepower, but in freestyle there was a a mechanical issue that John noticed right before what turned out to the last hit for John and Batman. Coming across the jammer stack and landing on the front right, things came apart. 4-link bars, shock towers, shocks, tie-rods and ends and a steering ram all disintegrated to the delight of the Sacramento fans. Kelvin Ramer and Time Flys also had a bad mechanical failure. After returning to racing in the semi final, when Bad Habit who had beaten Time Flys in round 1 could not make the call, Kelvin came out and launched the truck across the finish line and destroyed a rear steer tie-rod and a steering ram. Pat Gerber in Shocker also had mechanical issues, breaking a drive axle in round 1 of racing.

Wheelie Scores:
Double Trouble 25
Time Flys 16
Captain USA 17
Shocker 15
Bad Habit 15
Batman 22
Bounty Hunter 24
Grave Digger 26 **WINNER**

Racing Brackets
Round 1
Double Trouble beat Grave Digger
Bad Habit beat Time Flys
Bounty Hunter beat Shocker
Batman beat Captain USA

Semi Final
Double Trouble beat Bad Habit
Batman beat Bounty Hunter

Batman beat Double Trouble
John Seasock and Batman came into the weekend with a 10 for 12 race round victories on the year and extended it to 13 of 15. stats according to John Seasock.

Freestyle Scores:

Double Trouble 20
Time Flys DNS
Captain USA 18
Shocker DNS
Bad Habit 21
Batman 18
Bounty Hunter 19
Grave Digger 23 **WINNER**

By Scott Heaton

Saturday Night

Mechanical gremlins jumped out and attacked a couple of the Monster Jam teams on Saturday night. Kelvin Ramer and Time Flys, after having a massive amount of damage to the rear of the truck last night, incurred what I believe was a residual effect of the breakage last night when a rear heim joint on a 4 link bar let go sending Time Flys to the pits during racing. In freestyle Kelvins run was unfortunately cut short when the front brake disc flared up ending what looked to be a killer run.
Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter also had breakage. Jimmy romped the loud peddle in that 2Xtreme race team truck at the start of the racing semi final, but when you have 1600 plus horsepower, sometimes things let go. Tonight it was a front drive axle. To the credit of that team, they had Jimmy ready for freestyle where he ended up 2nd.
Monster Jam fans were treated to a new form of Monster Jam Qualifying. Monster Jam Maniac Time Challenge. To set the racing bracket the 8 trucks in the field ran an unusual course. They started by attacking the purple race lane, to the opposite end of the arena, did a 180 degree turn running back at the purple stack of cars where they back sided the race lane, made a right hand turn and finished on the opposite race lane crush cars. It made for an interesting qualifying session and the fans certainly loved it!!!
John Seasock continued his winning ways in Monster Jam racing, again winning all 3 rounds that he lined up in. Jon Zimmer burned the place down with a Grave Digger freestyle run that pleased the black and green wrecking machine fans as well as everyone in attendance!!

Wheelie Scores:
Double Trouble 23
Time Flys 20
Captain USA 21
Shocker 15
Bad Habit 20
Batman 21
Bounty Hunter 25
Grave Digger 26 **WINNER**

Monster Jam Maniac Time Challenge Qualifier
Double Trouble 20.97
Time Flys 20.50
Captain USA 18.02
Shocker 18.69
Bad Habit 18.34
Batman 17.35
Bounty Hunter 17.60
Grave Digger 17.00 **FAST QUALIFIER**

Racing Bracket
Round 1
Grave Digger beat Double Trouble
Bad Habit beat Captain USA
Bounty Hunter beat Shocker
Batman beat Time Flys

Semi Final
Bad Habit beat Grave Digger
Batman beat Bounty Hunter

Batman beat Bad Habit

Freestyle Scores:
Double Trouble 16
Time Flys 10
Captain USA 23
Shocker 19
Bad Habit 22
Batman 22
Bounty Hunter 24
Grave Digger 25 **WINNER**

By Scott Heaton


Sunday Recap

Jimmy Creten battled Bounty Hunter all weekend long trying to get an arena setup that would work, and by Sunday he had it dialed in and won freestyle. Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger gave it a hard run in freestyle trying to win all 3 competitions, but came up a point shy to Jimmy. John Seasocks unbeaten run in Sacramento came to an end when Batman lost to Bounty Hunter, but I have a feeling John will start another streak!!

Wheelie Scores:
Double Trouble 23
Time Flys 19
Captain USA 21
Shocker 18
Bad Habit 20
Batman 22
Bounty Hunter 20
Grave Digger 24 **WINNER**

Racing Brackets
Round 1
Grave Digger beat Shocker
Time Flys beat Captain USA
Batman beat Double Trouble
Bounty Hunter beat Bad Habit

Semi Final
Grave Digger beat Time Flys
Bounty Hunter beat Batman

Grave Digger beat Bounty Hunter

Freestyle Scores:
Double Trouble 18
Time Flys 22
Captain USA 24
Shocker 22
Bad Habit 24
Batman 23
Bounty Hunter 26 **WINNER**
Grave Digger 25

By Scott Heaton

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