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Albuquerque, NM - Tingley Coliseum

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Tingley Coliseum
Albuquerque, NM
February 15-17, 2013

Monster Jam Racing Winner

Friday night: Max D
Saturday night: Max D
Sunday 2PM: Max D

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner

Friday night: Max D
Saturday night: Max D
Sunday 2PM: Max D

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Monster Energy driven by Damon Bradshaw, El Diablo driven by JP, Max-D℠ driven by Neil Elliot, El Toro Loco® driven by Chuck Werner, Lucas Oil Crusader® driven by Linsey Weenk, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, The Patriot driven by Dan Rodoni, Tropical Thunder driven by Mike Pappas, Obssesion driven by Rick Swanson and Obsessed driven by Jim Lehnertz!!

Friday night

The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam is in town here in Albuquerque, NM and by the temps outside you would’ve thought it to be “The Frozen Tundra” instead of the “high desert.” In short, it was COLD! No one seemed to mind though as the action was AWESOME inside The Tingley Coliseum.
It started as normal with the Monster Jam Wheelie Contest. Most all the other competitors scored in the mid-teens, that was until Damon Bradshaw & Monster Energy clipped everyone, even Neil Elliot & Max D by scoring an 18 and taking the win.

Monster Jam Wheelie Contest Results:
Obsession – 4/4/5 = 13
Obsessed – 3/3/4 = 10
Devastator – 4/3/4 = 11
El Diablo – 5/5/5 = 15
Monster Mutt Dalmation – 5/5/4 = 14
El Toro Loco – 4/4/2 = 10
Monster Energy – 6/6/6 = 18
Lucas Oil Crusader – 5/5/6 = 16
Max D – 5/6/6 = 17

Monster Jam Racing was next and I just had a gut feeling that this was going to be Damon Bradshaw’s night to “Double Down.” I just had that feeling, but boy was I wrong. It was pretty obvious early on that Neil Elliot wasn’t about to be denied any advancement through the bracket as he eliminated Monster Jam truck after Monster Jam truck. But then Lindsey Wink and his Lucas Oil Crusader were doing the same thing on the other end of the racing bracket. Eventually they would meet in the UTI Monster Jam Racing Finals. The track conditions had a lot to do with how the drivers were doing tonight and Neil was able to figure it out just a little better as Max D narrowly took the Racing Championship over The Lucas Oil Crusader.

UTI Monster Jam Racing Results:
Round #1
Crusader defeated El Diablo
El Toro defeated Obsessed
Monster Energy defeated Devastator
Max D defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian
Crusader defeated El Toro
Max D defeated Monster Energy
UTI Finals:
Max D defeated Crusader

The final competition of the night obviously is Monster Jam Freestyle & the crowd was ready for it as “they TOLD me” what was next. Man, the enthusiasm that the Albuquerque fans had tonight was just crazy! Once again, I was way off on who I thought was going to take the win in freestyle. Hands down, no questions asked, without a doubt, and OBVIOUS, it was Neil Elliot & Max D. No way, any of the other Monster Jam drivers could dispute it either. Neil Elliot & Max D, officially the first duo to “Double Down” this weekend.

Monster Jam Freestyle Results:
Obsession – 2/2/3 = 7
Obsessed – 2/2/2 = 6
Devastator – 3/4/4 = 10
El Diablo – 6/6/7 = 19
El Toro Loco – 7/7/7 = 21
Dalmatian – 6/6/7 = 19
Monster Energy – 6/6/6 = 18
Crusader – 7/8/8 = 23
Max D – 9/9/9 = 27

By Scott Rehn

Saturday night

EVERYTHING about tonight’s Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam event was absolutely EPIC! The sold out crowd at the Tingley Coliseum, a history making win for a rookie Monster Jam driver, and ANOTHER double down winner. Rows & rows of fans just weren't ready to leave after the final freestyle run, but there's always the last event tomorrow.

The first event started it all, Monster Jam Wheelie contest. Here's where the "history" kicks in. The fourth of nine trucks to hit the floor, JP Rugiero & El Diablo NAILED their one hit and scored an incredible 20 and easily took the lead with five trucks remaining. Some of the biggest names in the history of the sport were yet to come out and it was very obvious the fans were paying attention to what was yet to come. Well, it didn’t happen, NO one had enough for JP & El Diablo. They may have come fairly close, but not close enough as JP watched competitor after competitor make an attempt at his score. After the last 5 came up short, it was the historic FIRST win of JP's career and the fans enthusiastically responded with HUGE approval!

Monster Jam Wheelie Results:
Obsession – 4/4/4 = 12
Obsessed – 5/5/4 = 14
Devastator – 5/5/5 = 15
El Diablo – 7/6/7 = 20
Monster Mutt Dalmatian – 5/5/6 = 16
El Toro Loco – 4/4/3 = 11
Monster Energy – 3/3/2 = 8
Lucas Oil Crusader – 7/6/6 = 19
Max D – 6/6/6 = 18

Monster Jam Racing was next and here is where the aforementioned “double down winner” started his evening of domination. Much like last night, Neil Elliot & Max D dominated their way through the bracket all the way into the UTI finals. The same can be said about Lindsey Weenk & Lucas Oil Crusader as they worked their way to the finals as well. It was as if this was the Monster Jam World Finals as the aggressive driving style of both drivers weren’t giving an inch on each other. At one point, Neil got a little crossed up and with one turn remaining before the Advance Auto Parts Finish Line, it was Lindsey’s turn to get a little crossed up but this time it proved to be too costly. Lindsey got too sideways, hooked a rut and up and over on its side the Crusader went, and all within just feet of the finish line. Neil never gave up and took the win in the UTI Racing Finals.

Monster Jam UTI Racing Results:
Round #1:
Obsessed defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian
Max D defeated Monster Energy
Lucas Oil Crusader defeated El Diablo
El Toro Loco defeated Obsession
Round #2
Max D defeated Obsessed
Lucas Oil Crusader defeated El Toro Loco
Max D defeated Lucas Oil Crusader

Last up once again was Monster Jam Freestyle. Just like in the wheelie contest, El Diablo came out as the fourth entry and scored a very impressive 25. That score wasn’t touched for the longest time and looked like our rookie Monster Jam driver just might do it again. Four competitors just couldn’t touch the score of 25 by JP. That was until the final driver came out onto the floor and screamed around the course. Speed, momentum, height off the jumps, & the will to not be beat was again on Neil Elliot’s side. Max D wins Monster Jam Freestyle by the narrowest of margins and claims his second “double down” win of the weekend.

Monster Jam Freestyle Results:
Obsession – 5/5/4 = 14
Obsessed – 6/5/5 = 16
Devastator – 6/6/6 = 18
El Diablo – 8/8/9 = 25
El Toro Loco – 7/7/7 = 21
Monster Mutt Dalmatian – 8/8/7 = 23
Monster Energy – 7/7/6 = 20
Lucas Oil Crusader – 8/8/8 = 24
Max D – 9/9/9 = 27

By Scott Rehn

Sunday 2PM

What a way to end a weekend for The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Series here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was ANOTHER day of history in the making. The New Mexico fans had no IDEA what was about to hit them, but then, neither did I.
As it has all weekend long, it all started during the Monster Jam Wheelie Contest. PJ Rugiero & El Diablo came out 4th in the line-up and for the 2nd time this weekend took the lead with a score of 22. He absolutely LAUNCHED El Diablo into the rafters. The only Monster Jam driver that even came close was Damon Bradshaw & Monster Energy with a 21. JP had done it again, for the 2nd time in two events, El Diablo won the Monster Jam Wheelie Contest. The 1st two wins of his Monster Jam career and to say it was a fun interview afterwards is putting it mildly. You could tell it had a major affect on JP as he almost choked up a bit during the interview.

Monster Jam Wheelie Results:
Obsession – 4/4/3 = 11
Obsessed – 4/5/4 = 13
Devastator – 4/4/4 = 12
El Diablo – 7/7/8 = 22
Monster Mutt Dalmatian – 3/3/3 = 9
El Toro Loco – 6/5/6 = 17
Monster Energy – 7/7/7 = 21
Lucas Oil Crusader – 6/6/5 = 17
Max D – 6/5/4 = 15

Monster Jam Racing was next and for the 3rd time this weekend it sure didn’t disappoint ANYONE including the track workers & Monster Jam staff in general. There was no stopping Neil Elliot & Max D from starting what would be a record setting evening for himself & Max D. Elliot had to withstand the first two rounds of what could’ve been a UTI Finals match up anywhere else in the country. First he had to man handle the track to beat Damon Bradshaw & Monster Energy to get to the semi-finals. Then he had to survive the fierce “never give up” attitude of Lindsey Weenk & Lucas Oil Crusader to get to the UTI Finals. Chuck Werner & El Toro Loco made it into the finals for the first time this weekend and I hate to say it but the race was almost over as soon as the green light flipped on for the start. Perfect corners, hard braking into the turns, & perfect set up on the shocks made for a PERFECT run for Elliot as he claimed his 3rd UTI Finals Championship here in Albuquerque.

UTI Finals Championship Results:
Round #1:
El Toro Loco defeated Devastator
Obsession defeated El Diablo
Lucas Oil Crusader defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian
Max D defeated Monster Energy
Round #2:
El Toro defeated Obsession
Max D defeated Lucas Oil Crusader
UTI Championship Round:
Max D defeated El Toro loco

The last competition of the show & weekend was next and EVERYONE was ready for it, Monster Jam Freestyle. This is where MORE history was made this weekend. First it was JP Rugiero & El Diablo getting their 1st AND 2nd win of JP’s young Monster Jam career, but now it was all Neil Elliot and Max D. Elliot had to sit, strapped inside Max D and watch as competitor after competitor crushed the cars, leveled the jump ramps, accumulated high scores not knowing if he would even have any obstacles left over for him to “beat down.” Well, there was just enough & then some. Neil Elliot & Max D leveled everything in sight, nailed the biggest jumps, was “crazy-quick” between hits & ABSOLUTELY WOWED the crowd when he FINALLY came to a stop. It was clear who the winner was going to be today. Neil Elliot & Max D! The HISTORIC part of today was that this was Neil’s 1st 3-time “Double Down” win of his career. Friday night, Saturday night, & Sunday afternoon, for Neil Elliot & Max D it was “game, set, match!” I would also like to thank ALL the drivers, crew members, track workers, Monster Jam staff, & especially the fans of Albuquerque, New Mexico for making this a very memorable weekend for me as this was my last Monster Jam weekend after 17 years. It’s been a BLAST, I will miss you all, good night & GOD BLESS!

Monster Jam Freestyle Results:
Obsession – 4/4/4 = 12
Obsessed – 5/5/4 = 14
Devastator – 6/5/6 = 17
El Diablo – 7/7/8 = 22
El Toro Loco – DNS – mechanical issues
Monster Mutt Dalmatian – 8/8/8 = 24
Monster Energy – 7/7/7 = 21
Lucas Oil Crusader – 9/9/8 = 26
Max D – 9/9/10 = 28

By Scott Rehn

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