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Greenville, SC - BI-LO CENTER

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Greenville, SC
January 25-26, 2013

Monster Jam Racing Winner

7:30pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 2pm: Hotsy
Saturday 7:30pm: Grave Digger

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner

7:30pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 2pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30pm: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Randy Brown, Superman™ driven by Joey Parnell, Nitemare driven by Andy Hoffman, Strait Jacket driven by Kevin King, Rammunition driven by Mat Dishman and Hotsy driven by Mike Miller!!


The BI-LO Center in Greenville, SC had a crowd that battled ice and horrible weather conditions to get to Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam and they would leave happy! In the Quad Wars, the quad warriors from NC would sweep the night and show the SC boys why they are 3 time national champions.
In Wheelies there would be some great efforts but in the end it would be the truck from Metropolis taking home the swag with a score of 25, this was followed by Grave Digger and a 22.

Strait Jacket- 21
Hotsy - 15
Rammunition- 22
Nitemare- 20
Superman- 25*
Grave Digger- 22

In UTI Racing it was a close night all the way through the finals. Round by round we would have to wait glued to the jumbotron as one race after another was too close to call by sight alone. In the end we would crown Grave Digger in a race that took over 2 minutes to call over the Hemi Powered Rammunition.

Grave Digger def. Superman
Rammunition def. Nitemare
Strait Jacket def. Hotsy

Grave Digger def. (fast loser) Hotsy
Rammunition def. Strait Jacket

Universal Technical Institute Championship Race
Grave Digger def. Rammunition.

In freestyle Strait Jacket driven by Kevin King would lay down a very strong score hitting all obstacles and charging forward with vengeance! Strait Jacket would ring the bell with a 21, and hold it until Rammunition hit the track! Mat Dishman would top it with a score 22 in that big, bad Dodge Ram! Once the dust settled the team from Kill Devil Hills would reign supreme with Grave Digger and Randy Brown setting the table with a score of 25!

Strait Jacket- 18
Hotsy- 17
Rammunition- 21
Nitemare- 19
Superman- 20
Grave Digger- 25*

By Ken Navitsky

Saturday 2pm

The day would start with a run for the ages as Team SC would defeat team NC in the Quad Wars, getting the crowd ready for Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam!

Wheelies would see great efforts set good scores only to have the winner post a 25 to claim the win. Superman would edge out Rammunition to get the gold!

Strait Jacket- 16
Hotsy- 14
Rammunition- 24
Nitemare- 16
Superman- 25*
Grave Digger- 18

Racing would wind up coming down to the Hall Brothers and Hotsy would edge out Rammunition in a close and very fast UTI Racing Championship!

Hotsy def. Strait Jacket
Rammunition def. Nitemare
Grave Digger def. Superman


Hotsy def (fast loser) Superman
Rammunition def. Grave Digger


Hotsy def. Rammunition.

Freestyle would come down to the final run after good scores were posted by Rammunition, Superman, and Nitemare. The table was set for the show to be taken home by the Grave Digger Race Team, and it would not be misused! Grave Digger and Rand Brown took the task to hand and laid down the freestyle of the weekend garnering a 27 for the win!


Hotsy- DNF
Straight Jacket- 19
Rammunition- 22
Nitemare- 21
Superman- 25
Grave Digger- 27*

By Ken Navitsky

Saturday 7:30pm

Saturday night would be a great farewell to the great fans in Greenville. They battled an Ice storm and a weekend of crazy weather to come to Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam and for that we are thankful!

Quad wars saw Team SC win the Captains Challenge and take the weekend cup over the champions from NC. Wheelies would start with a HUGE effort from Kevin King in Strait Jacket earning a 25, and it would hold until Rammunition and Matt Dishman would top it with a 28 for the crown.

Strait Jacket- 25
Hotsy- 16
Rammunition- 28*
Nitemare- 15
Superman- 27
Grave Digger- 16

Racing would come down to the two titans that had the horsepower and the determination all weekend. It would be an epic battle that would see Grave Digger defeat Rammunition in the closest race of the weekend!

Grave Digger def. Superman
Rammunition def. Nitemare
Strait Jacket def. Hotsy

Grave Digger def. Nitemare Fast Loser
Rammunition def. Strait Jacket

UTI Championship Race
Grave Digger def. Rammunition

Freestyle would see one truck after another come out and top the previous Monster Jams truck's score. One after another they would hammer down until it was Grave Digger time. Randy Brown in Grave Digger stole the show and earned the trophy for Team Grave Digger and he promptly took the spoils and gave it to the fans!

Hotsy- 15
Strait Jacket- 19
Rammunition- 21
Nitemare- 24
Superman- 23
Grave Digger- 26*

The people of South Carolina proved to be great Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Fans!

By Kenn Navitsky

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