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Charlotte, NC - Time Warner Cable Arena

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Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
January 11-12, 2013

Monster Jam Racing Winner

Friday night: Monster Mutt
Saturday 2PM: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30 PM: Stone Crusher

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner

Friday night: Stone Crusher
Saturday 2PM: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30 PM: Grave Digger

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Monster Mutt® driven by Whit Tarlton, Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims, Hooked driven by Bryan Wright, Thrasher driven by Pat Summa, XXX driven by Chrissy Moler, Mountaineer driven by RB Moler and Shockwave driven Bill Braukman!!

Friday night

Even the wet conditions outside couldn’t keep away the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam faithful who were treated to an awesome show tonight at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC. The terrific lineup tonight featured three Tar Heel state natives and a veteran of the Advance Auto Parts World Finals.

We started things off with the Wheelie Competition and XXX driven by Chrissy Moler skied a nice wheelie for a 16. Shockwave followed her but was only able to manage an 11. Chrissy’s other half RB took Mountaineer out next but was only able to manage 15. Thrasher stepped to the floor next and set his Monster Jam truck on the rear tailgate for the new score to beat of 21. Brian Wright and Hooked made a game effort but his 9 came up short as did Monster Mutt with an 18. Stone Crusher and Steve Sims went vertical to tally a 19. Hometown driver Gary Porter brought Grave Digger out and put up a nice wheelie but was unable to unseat Thrasher with an 18.

Next we headed into the UTI Monster Jam Racing Bracket and the first match pitted Mountaineer against Thrasher and the Wheelie contest came out on top. The next race was a marquee matchup with Monster Mutt going at it with Grave Digger. The black and green wrecking machine didn’t have enough and Monster Mutt advanced. In the third pairing Stone Crusher got a better jump of the line and took down Shockwave. The final set to run put Hooked against XXX and the truck with Hooked sailed to victory. In the semi final round Monster Mutt edged out Thrasher and Stone Crusher cut a better light than Hooked for the win. That set our final of Monster Mutt and Stone Crusher. The crowd was really behind Monster Mutt and they were proved right when Monster Mutt took top honors.

XXX kicked off the Monster Jam Freestyle Competition with a solid run that netted her a 12. Shockwave rumbled across the red clay and worked his 60 seconds to an 11. Mountaineer charged out next and was able to push his West Virginia piece to a 13. Thrasher tore out of the pits and filled the clock to the tune of a 13 as well. Hooked was the first Monster Jam truck to tackle the big FMX landing and it paid off in his score of 16. Monster Mutt roared out and lined of the big jump but before he took flight the pit crew tossed him a HUGE rawhide bone for incentive. It worked with the big dog launching a massive first hit. He kept his momentum going and moved into the lead with a 19. Stone Crusher came out like he had something to prove and he did just that, with a nonstop run that wowed the crowd and judges and gave him a score of 22. Grave Digger powered down the right side of the arena and set up the big jump in the center of the floor, unfortunately for him he landed hard and blew his left rear tire ending his run right there and his 6 wasn’t enough for the win.

Thrasher 21
Stone Crusher 19
Monster Mutt 18
Grave Digger 18
XXX 16
Mountaineer 15
Shockwave 11
Hooked 9

Racing results: Round 1; Thrasher def Mountaineer, Monster Mutt def Grave Digger, Stone Crusher def Shockwave, Hooked def XXX. Round 2; Monster Mutt def Thrasher, Stone Crusher def Hooked. Finals; Monster Mutt def Stone Crusher.

Stone Crusher 22
Monster Mutt 19
Hooked 16
Mountaineer 13
Thrasher 13
XXX 12
Shockwave 11
Grave Digger 6

By David Knisley

Saturday 2PM

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Charlotte, NC than at the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam in Time Warner Cable Arena. The crowd was electric and really got into the show and what a show it was.

XXX and Chrissy Moler got us started in wheelies going vertical for a 17. Shockwave lined up next and posted a 13 followed by Mountaineer who was only able to manage a 7. Thrasher rolled out next and last nights’ wheelie winner went big again putting up a 23. Hooked tapped the cars next but came up a little short with his 22. Monster Mutt had the crowd revved up but only put up a 19. Stone Crusher and Steve Simms lined up and went huge putting the truck on the tail for a 26. Grave Digger was the final competitor and his wheelie was big but not quite big enough because the judges scored him one number short with a 25.

We went from wheelies to UTI Monster Jam Racing and our first pairing featured Thrasher and Shockwave with Thrasher getting the better jump for the win. In the second race Monster Mutt faced Hooked and the Monster Jam truck with the big fish on the side came out the winner. Race three put Stone Crusher in a duel with XXX and Stone Crusher was able to advance. In the final pairing Mountaineer tried to take down Grave Digger but the black and green wrecking machine was too much and got the win. However Grave Digger flattened a tire and there was some question as to whether he would get fixed in time for round two. In the semi finals Hooked took it to Thrasher and advanced easily. Stone Crusher moved to the line but Grave Digger was nowhere in sight and went on the two minute clock. With only 14 seconds left on the clock Grave Digger roared out of the tunnel, lined up and took the win. The fans seemed to like Hooked today, but there just weren’t enough good vibes for him to pull down Grave Digger and Gary Porter drove to the win in the UTI Monster Jam Racing Championship.

After intermission we got busy with the Monster Jam Freestyle competition and XXX posted the score to beat of 13. Shockwave made a game effort but had to settle for an 11. Mountaineer came out of the tunnel with something to prove and JB Moler was able to better his wife Chrissy’s score and move into the lead with a 16. That was enough to hold of Thrasher who scored a 13, but when Hooked took the floor the fan backing pushed him to a 19. Monster Mutt was looking for a little redemption after being dumped in the first round of racing and he flew high and long on his way to a 23. Stone Crusher was not to be outdone, hitting the big freestyle mound and keeping his truck moving forward for all 60 seconds on his way to a 26 and the score to beat. Grave Digger clearly was looking to improve on last nights’ shortened run and did so with style. He was loud, fast and clean in his run scoring a perfect 30 for the victory.

Stone Crusher 26
Grave Digger 25
Thrasher 23
Hooked 22
Monster Mutt 19
XXX 17
Shockwave 13
Mountaineer 7

Racing: Round one; Thrasher def Shockwave, Hooked def Monster Mutt, Stone Crusher def XXX, Grave Digger def Mountaineer. Round Two; Hooked def Thrasher, Grave Digger def Stone Crusher. Finals; Grave Digger def Hooked.

Grave Digger 30
Stone Crusher 26
Monster Mutt 23
Hooked 19
Mountaineer 16
XXX 13
Thrasher 13
Shockwave 11

By David Knisley

Saturday 7:30 PM

A near capacity crowd filled the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC for the final night of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam action. The fans in the heart of stock car country were thrilled with a terrific show that had them standing on their feet for more than half the show.

XXX kicked the wheelie competition off for the third show in a row and again she set the score to beat at 16. Shockwave took on the red stack and scored a 14. Mountaineer really upped the ante with a tremendous back wheel stand that gave him a 23. Right behind him Pat Summa and Thrasher went after the red car stack as well and literally stood his Monster Jam truck on the tail gate and stopped. However momentum took him over backward and he did a number on his new body, but it was worth it because the crowd loved it and the judges gave him a 29 and the score to beat. Hooked put up a nice number at 22 and Monster Mutt did his best scoring an 18. Stone Crusher came to the car stacks next and posted a 22 which left only Grave Digger with a shot at the title but he only manage a 21 which gave Thrasher the well deserved win.

Stone Crusher and Mountaineer faced off in race number one with Stone Crusher taking the win. Monster Mutt lined up next to Hooked and was narrowly defeated. Shockwave and Grave Digger took off next with the black and green wrecking machine taking the win. The final pairing had XXX going against Thrasher and after a hurried repair in the pits Thrasher barely made it to the line before his two minute clock expired. Unfortunately for him XXX was on her A game and took the win. In the semi final round Stone Crusher beat his teammate Hooked and Grave Digger made short work of XXX which set up a terrific final. The crowd seemed equally split on who they though the winner would be and after the dust settled Stone Crusher took the UTI Monster Jam Racing Championship over Grave Digger.

We headed into the Monster Jam Freestyle Competition and XXX had a rocky run only managing a 6. Shockwave filled the clock and set the mark to beat at 16. Mountaineer ran well but he couldn’t take the lead with his 14. Thrasher stayed in the game after more hard work from his pit crew and ran well enough to post a 16 and tie for the lead. That only lasted until Hooked finished his run with a huge jump off the FMX landing ramp to net a 23. Monster Mutt chased his bone out of the tunnel and looked good throughout his run but came up a little short with a 22. Stone Crusher had a couple of shut downs during his run but when he was moving he looked great and when the judges tallied up their scores he matched the top mark with a 23. Gary Porter brought Grave Digger to the floor in a hurry and wasted no time flying over the car stacks and launching himself over the FMX landing ramp much to the crowd’s approval on his way to the win with a score of 27.

Thrasher 29
Mountaineer 23
Stone Crusher 22
Hooked 22
Grave Digger 21
Monster Mutt 18
XXX 16

Racing: Round one; Stone Crusher def Mountaineer, Hooked def Monster Mutt, XXX def Thrasher, Graver Digger def Shockwave. Round two; Stone Crusher def Hooked, Grave Digger def XXX. UTI Racing Championship Finals; Stone Crusher def Grave Digger.

Grave Digger 27
Stone Crusher 23
Hooked 23
Monster Mutt 22
Shockwave 16
Thrasher 16
Mountaineer 14

By David Knisley

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