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Raleigh, NC - PNC Arena

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PNC Arena
Raleigh, NC
April 6-7, 2012

Monster Jam Racing Winner

Friday 7:30pm: Stone Crusher
Saturday 2:00pm: Advance Auto Parts Grinder
Saturday 7:30pm: Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner

Friday 7:30pm: Advance Auto Parts Grinder
Saturday 2:00pm: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30pm: StoneCrusher

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger®,driven by Gary Porter Monster Mutt® driven by Wit Tarlton, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by Frank Kreml, Iron Man driven by Scott Buetow, Stone Crusher driven by Morgan Kane and Monster Magic driven by Bryan Wright!

Friday 7:30pm

Friday 7:30

Three weeks ago The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam was out in Las Vegas as they crowned two new World Champions and tonight we kicked off the new season that will lead us back to Vegas in a year. Raleigh North Carolina was the place to be tonight as six of the best Monster Trucks in the World competed in three competitions and to try and win the coveted Double Down Trophy. The first winner of the night was Monster Magic as he was the first to go in wheelies and won with a score of 20. The high light for the fans was the backwards roll over when Iron man set it on the tail gate and didn't have enough throttle in it a rolled it on its roof.

Next was racing and the young Morgan Kane took his Stone Crusher Monster truck across the finish line in the finals with a win over Monster Magic. The North Carolina Native was thrilled for his Carolina fans as he did a little freestyle after his victory. Stone Crusher made it to the finals with wins over Iron man in round one and Monster Mutt in the semi finals. The other huge win came when Monster Magic defeated Grinder in the semi finals as the fast looser when he lost in round one to Monster Mutt.

Grinder was the winner in freestyle with a high score of23 which was one point higher than Grave Digger. Kreml had the biggest air off of the Freestyle Motor Croos hill and had the Great fans on their feet throughout his entire freestyle. Stone Crusher was third and he didn't fill the sixty second time. With 12 seconds remaining he hit the huge Freestyle ramp and broke the right front tire completely off the truck. Here are tonight’s results.

Wheelie contest.
Monster Magic 20
Stone Crusher 19
Grinder 19
Grave Digger 19
Monster Mutt 16
Iron Man 15

Round one racing Grinder def. Grave Digger, Stone Crusher def. Iron Man, Monster Mutt def. Monster Magic.

Semi Finals, Monster Magic (fast looser) def. Grinder, Stone Crusher defeated Monster Mutt.

Finals: Stone Crusher defeated Monster Magic.

Grinder 23
Grave Digger 22
Stone Crusher 21
Monster Magic 19
Monster Mutt 18
Iron Man 16

Saturday 2:00pm

Saturday 2:00pm

Another three winner day here at the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam as Stone Crusher win the wheelie contest, Grinder won Racing and Grave Digger wins Freestyle. The great fans also got to watch five awesome freestyle motor cross riders fly through the air doing some amazing freestyle tricks.

The wheelie contest was first on today’s agenda as Morgan Kane wheelied Stone crusher to a one point victory over Grave Digger who took another close second. Monster Magic was impressive again by taking third with a score of 21. Grinder was fourth followed by Iron Man and Monster Mutt. In addition to the wheelie contest we also had quad wars as team North Carolina went into battle against rival South Carolina.

Racing again was close all day long. The instant replay had to be used every race except for one to determine each winner. Advance Auto Parts Grinder came back as fast looser to win today’s UTI racing championship. Grinder lost in round one to Stone Crusher but got the fast looser spot and defeated Grave Digger in the semi finals. He then went on to beat Stone Crusher in a rematch to take his second win of the weekend. Stone Crusher advanced to the finals with wins over Grinder in round one and Monster Mutt in the semi finals.

Grave Digger finally took his first win of the weekend with a true Black and Green Wrecking Machine freestyle. Gary Porter had the Grave Digger Monster truck on the ragged edge scoring a high score of 26. That score was two points over runner up Grinder who was going for the Double Down. Stone Crusher was also impressive taking third and didn't even hit the huge freestyle Motor Cross Hill. The only two that have not taken a victory this weekend is Iron Man and Monster Mutt who promised the fans that tonight will be different.

Wheelie scores.
Stone Crusher 25
Grave Digger 24
Monster Magic 21
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 20
Iron Man 19
Monster Mutt 18

Racing round one Grave Digger def. Monster Magic, Monster Mutt def. Iron Man, Stone Crusher def. Grinder.

Semi Finals, Grinder (fast looser) defeated Grave Digger and Stone Crusher defeated Monster Mutt.

Racing Finals, Advance Auto Parts Grinder defeated Stone Crusher.

Freestyle scores.
Grave Digger 26
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 24
Stone Crusher 22
Monster Mutt 21
Iron Man 19
Monster Mutt 18

By Greg Whitacre

Saturday 7:30pm

Saturday 7:30pm

What an exciting weekend here in Raleigh North Carolina! All three competitions tonight had three different winners find their way to the winners circle. It started with Grave Digger winning the wheelie contest with a high score of 26. That score was three points higher than the second place finish from Stone Crusher who scored a 23. Monster Mutt was third with a tail standing wheelie that gave him a 22.

The Universal Technical Institute championship race had Grave Digger taking on Advance Auto Parts Grinder. At the end of the race it took the officials a moment to review the replay four times to determine the winner that’s how close it was. Grinder was finally named the winner and a victory celebration was on as Kreml freestyled for the fans. Grinder made it to the finals with wins over Monster Magic in round one and Stone Crusher in the semi finals. Grave Digger made his way to the championship round with wins over Iron Man and fast looser Monster Mutt.

Morgan Kane was impressive tonight in the Advance Auto Parts Service is our best part freestyle competition. Stone Crusher let it all hang out with power slides in the corners to awesome air off of the freestyle hill that scored him one point higher than Grave Digger. Gary Porter again came up short but thanked the fans for the 30 years of support for the Black and Green Wrecking Machine. There was a three way tie for third place tonight with Iron Man, Monster Mutt and Grinder all scoring a 20. Here are the results for the three competitions.

Wheelie scores.
Grave Digger 26
Stone Crusher 23
Monster Mutt 22
Iron man 20
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 20
Monster Magic 15

Racing round one: Grave Digger def. Iron Man, Grinder def. Monster Magic, Stone Crusher def. Monster Mutt.

Semi Finals: Grave Digger def. Monster Mutt (fast looser), Grinder def. Stone Crusher.

Finals Advance Auto Parts Grinder defeated Grave Digger.

Freestyle scores
Stone Crusher 24
Grave Digger 23
Iron Man 20
Monster Mutt 20
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 20
Monster Magic 14

Happy Easter to all and see you down the road at the Path of Destruction tour in June.

By Greg Whitacre

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