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Albuquerque, NM - Tingley Coliseum

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Tingley Coliseum
Albuquerque, NM
February 17-19, 2012

Monster Jam Racing Winner

Friday: The Patriot
Saturday, 7:30pm: El Matador
Sunday, 2:00pm: El Matador

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner

Friday: Grave Digger
Saturday, 7:30pm: Grave Digger
Sunday, 2:00pm: Mohawk Warrior

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Rod Schmidt, Northern Nightmare℠ driven by Cam McQueen, Monster Mutt® Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly, Mohawk Warrior℠ driven by George Balhan, The Patriot driven by Dan Radoni, M2D Camo Thunder driven by Kevin Louis, King Krunch driven by David Smith, and El Matador driven by Daron Basl! Also featuring Megasaurus.


We have started with the right foot here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment.
Every single Monster Jam fan has welcomed back all of our Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam family and expecting to see a great night of competition. The weather is great in Albuquerque, and so was our first show of this weekend.
We started off with Quad War racing between two old time rivals, Team Texas and Team New Mexico. The home team was willing to take the advantage by having their 4 stroke Quads ready to humiliate the visiting team, whose quads had only the most common two strokes. The First heat of Quad racing came out easy for New Mexico, as they won. Captain Pacheco introduced first female rider in New Mexico Amanda Bustamante. Hyper energetic, Bustamante, defied the visiting team. In the main heat, New Mexico came short to win the Quad War racing, reason enough for Capt Martinez to make fun of New Mexico and their 4 stroke quads, that could not compete against the skill of the visitors according to the the team Texas captain. I’m sure this rivalry will grow even more as we go on with the rest of the weekend.
Monster Jam Wheelies
We started the night of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam with Wheelie competition. We had a couple of first time new comers like Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Northern Nightmare. Who by the way set the high score to beat at 21 points. Judges gave a great score to a couple of Sky wheelies that were repeated on the 2 hits that Cam McQueen had a chance to do. There after: El matador 17;, M2D Thunder 13; King Krunch 12; The Patriot 13; Monster Mutt Dalamatian 14; Mohawk Warrior 16, Grave Digger 21. There was a tie between Northern Nightmare and Grave Digger, Silent judge had to untie it, by giving one extra point to Northern Nightmare who finally won with 22 points. Cam McQueen stated that all events prior to the NGK Sparkplugs World Finals in Las Vegas, are actually like mini- Vegas every time, where they have a chance to practice new tricks, and to have new pointers for the final contest of all. Northern Nightmare has already qualified for the World Finals in Vegas!
Monster Jam Racing
Round 1
The Patriot vs. Northern Nightmare, the Patriot wins and moves to semi finals. Grave Digger vs. M2D thunder , Grave Digger wins by ample advantage. Monster Mutt Dalmatian wins over El Matador, and Mohawk Warrior fell short of winning before King Krunch.
Semi Finals
The Patriot beats Grave Digger to the finish line. And King Krunch wins over Monster Mutt Dalmatian.
UTI Final round of racing.
The Patriot vs. King Krunch. The roaring of the engines were ready to overcome each other, but little did King Krunch knew that by the first turn he would flip to the side, being unable to complete the race, and letting the Patriot win. Don Rodoni said that he did not like to win that way, but things of this nature happen all the time... David Smith driving King Krunch said that one of the tires was not fully shaved to have a good traction on the dirt track, and that caused the flip..

Monster Jam Free Style
M2D Thunder 14
El Matador 18
Northern Nightmare 23
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 21
King Krunch was out of this contest due to breakage done in racing.
The Patriot 6 points. Rodoni could not finish his 60 seconds due to a gas leak, he was shot off for safety, and unable to continue.
Mohawk Warrior 25
Grave Digger 27. Great number of combinations on the track, high air, donuts, and perfect sky wheelies have Rod Schmidt the highest score of the night in Monster Jam Free Style.
We still have two more days of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam here in Albuquerque, so we’ll continue to report all results and relevant incidents during the course of our contests.

By Fernando Rubio

Saturday, 7:30pm

Its day two of Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and everything has just gotten more exciting in the land of enchantment. We started off our day with a great Pit Party where more than one thousand fans came to meet the drivers and have a chance to take pictures of the trucks and with their favorite drivers.
Quad wars again kept the fans on the edge of their seats as Team New Mexico and Team Texas faced each other for the second time this weekend. Team Texas had a female captain for the first time in quad war racing. Heat 1 was won by team New Mexico, and the Main heat after some dirty maneuvers from the visiting team they finally had the victory by arriving first on the finish line, but everyone saw hoy some Texas team members were cutting off the lap, and just bumping against the home team. Jonathan Pacheco with New Mexico came back to challenge Capt. Martinez from Texas to face off on a On One race to resolve all doubts of who was the better team. Team New Mexico came out triumphant, and the fans were ecstatic with the win. So, now they are tied one and one so far this weekend.
Monster Jam Wheelies.
El Matador 15; M2D Thunder 13; King Krunch 20; The Patriot 21; Monster Mutt Dalmatian 20; Mohawk Warrior 17, Grave Digger 20. And repeating history tonight was Northern Nightmare who like a re-run from a previous program, Cam McQueen repeated the same perfect Sky Wheelies with a perfect landing on the back wheels, achieving an almost stand upward position after doing the sky wheelies, one on each hit… This is the second night on a row for Northern Nightmare to win wheelies.
Monster Jam Racing
Round One
The Patriot wins over Northern Nightmare. M2D Thunder falls before Grave Digger, and El Matador beats Monster Mutt Dalmatian. Mohawk Warrior wins over King Krunch.
Semi Final Round
Grave Digger beats the Patriot as Dan Rodoni ( The Patriot) lost control and ends up short on a corner, Grave Digger took advantage and finished first. El Matador wins over Mohawk Warrior, after George Balhan on Mohawk also lost control and ends up crashing against a crush care right before heading to the last hit on the finish ramp.
UTI Monster Jam Racing Championship.
El Matador and Grave Digger facing each other for the first time in Monster Jam racing this weekend in ABQ, the crowd anticipating a great run. Daron Basl and El Matador really floored the gas pedal, and the first couple of hits over the ramps were very even, but right before going into the third hit Grave Digger lost control and right in the corner of curve rolled over, just like what happened to King Krunch last night. El Matador came out triumphant in the racing contest. Daron Basl said he’s still working hard to get more points, as he tries to get a chance at the world championship, “that’s one dream one as driver always have” said Basl.
Monster Jam Freestyle
M2D Thunder 17
El Matador 19
Northern Nightmare 23
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 22
King Krunch 18
The Patriot 17
Mohawk Warrior 15 ( Balhan was not able to finish his 60 seconds due to some mechanical problems)
Grave Digger 26. Rod Schmidt nailed the free style for two nights in a row, and reaffirms the reign of Grave Digger in Free Style. High Air, donuts, and the most hits over the stacks convinced the judges for the best performance of the night. Congrats to all Grave Digger fans… the 30th Anniversary continues to be greatly celebrated!!
Tomorrow it will be the last day of competition in Albuquerque, we’ll keep you up to date!

Sunday, 2:00pm

It has been the last day of Advance Monster Jam in the Land of Enchantment, Albuquerque, New Mexico. The last day of competition has been as great as the previous days. Highly competitive, and excitement to the max!
We started the afternoon with Quad War racing. Team New Mexico and Team Texas facing off for the last time throwing on the track all the classic rivalry between those two teams. After having a tie until Saturday night, Sundays contest was of extreme importance for both teams. The one team winning, it would take the whole weekend. Team New Mexico could not handle the tough maneuvering of Texas, which finally cut New Mexico’s aspirations short of winning the last Quad War race.
Monster Jam Wheelies.
Cam McQueen and Northern Nightmare have made justice to the name of the truck! It has been really a nightmare for all competitors the skill with which McQueen handles the Monster Jam Wheelies. I insist, it is like watching a re-run of the previous contest. He dominated the jump over to a sky wheelies twice. On the last hit, Northern Nightmare sky wheelied, and landed on the rear bumper to remain standing as a rocket, and until brought down by the track assistance. This gave Northern Nightmare 30 points, the perfect score, twice in a row this weekend. Other scores:
El Matador 28
M2D Thunder ( could not run in this contest due to mechanical problems)
King Krunch 19
The Patriot 21
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 20
Mohawk Warrior 17
Grave Digger 25
Monster Jam Racing
Monster Jam racing in Albuquerque saw roll overs right in the UTI racing championship final round of racing. First on Friday when Grave Digger rolled over going into the third hit before the finish line. On Saturday, King Krunch rolled over the same way Digger did one day before, and on Sunday, two winning trucks came to face each other: The Patriot and El Matador. Daron Basl and El Matador had won on Saturday and The Patriot on Friday night. A second win for either of them was very important. El Matador came out triumphant after two rough rounds of racing. The Patriot was no easy competitor to defeat.
Round one
The Patriot vs Northern Nightmare, The Patriot won. M2D Thunder lost against Grave Digger, and El Matador defeated Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Mohawk Warrior was faster than King Krunch.
Semifinal Round
The Patriot wins over Grave Digger, and El Matador defeats Mohawk Warrior.
Monster Jam Free Style
The last day of Monster Jam Free Style was yet to be seen full of surprises. Ending a dry spill during the weekend was very important for George Balhan and Mohawk Warrior, and it almost became a prophetic sentence when Balhan said before the show, “ I have to win freestyle today” And the prophecy became true this Sunday when Mohawk took away the victory with 25 points. Great combinations and high air kept the audience at the edge of the seats. He had some tough competitors that had a great run in free style, just judge by yourself with the following scores:
M2D Thunder 17
El Matador 21
Northern Nightmare 24
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 23
King Krunch 20
The Patriot 22
Mohawk Warrior 25
Grave Digger 24.
We’ve had a blast in Albuquerque, and we’re already looking forward to our next visit to the Land of Enchantment, land full of history, excitement, great food, and most important of all.. Great People.
See you next time! Gracias y hasta siempre!

By Fernando Rubio

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