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Raleigh, NC - RBC Center

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RBC Center
Raleigh, NC
April 1-2, 2011

Monster Jam Racing Winner
Friday 7:30: Advance Auto Parts Grinder
Saturday 2:00: Monster Mutt Rottweiler
Saturday 7:30: Monster Mutt Rottweiler

Monster Jam Freestyle Winner
Friday 7:30: Grave Digger
Saturday 2:00: Grave Digger
Saturday 7:30: Advance Auto Parts Grinder

Trucks: Monster Jam® Trucks: including Grave Digger® driven by Gary Porter, Spider-Man, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠, Monster Mutt® Rottweiler, War Wizard, and Lil' Miss Dangerous is High Maintenance!

Friday 7:30

The start of the new Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam season started tonight one week after the crowning of two new world champions in Las Vegas. It is hard to believe that the 2011 season is over when we are only 4 months into 2011. But that is the way our season works. It's just like College football or the NFL. They start their seasons in August but end in January the following year. We just happen to start ours earlier.

I had the privilege to go straight from Vegas last week to come here to Raleigh, North Carolina for the first show to start the new road to Las Vegas. Tonight we started out with the wheelie competition as six awesome monster trucks battled for the win. Spider-Man proved to be a threat all night as Whit Tarlton took the first win of the night with a high sky wheelie scoring him a 24.

In Racing we saw the veteran John Seasock pilot The Advance Auto Parts Grinder to wins over Grave Digger to win the UTI Championship Race. Grinder defeated Digger in Round One and then went on to beat Monster Mutt Rottweiler in the semi finals. Seasock didn't stop there! He went on to defeat Grave Digger again as fast looser in the finals. Grave Digger made it to the finals with a win in the semi finals over War Wizard who also had a victory over Lil' Miss Dangerous is High Maintenance in round one. In other racing action Monster Mutt Rottweiler defeated Spider-Man for his first ever arena victory of his Young Career.

In Freestyle the action was awesome as each monster truck proved to be the number one truck to beat in this contest. 'Lil Miss Dangerus is High Maintenance scored first with a spectacular reverse move over the left racing lane, but newcomer Dustin Brown took the lead away by one point. From there it was War Wizard in the lead until Gary Porter finally put Grave Digger in the winner's circle with a high score of 25. Here are tonight's results:

Wheelie competition:
Spider-Man 24
Grave Digger 22
Grinder 21
Lil' Miss Dangerous is High Maintenance 17
War Wizard 15
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 14

Grave Digger 25
War Wizard 23
Grinder 22
Spider-Man 19
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 18
Lil' Miss Dangerous is High Maintenance 17

By Greg Whitacre

Saturday 2:00

One of the biggest stories of the weekend just got bigger today. Last night I did not bring to your attention in full detail that Dustin Brown, the crew chief for Dennis Anderson, got his shot at driving a monster truck. Dustin is driving Monster Mutt Rottweiler this weekend and took his first ever racing victory by defeating two time World Finals Racing Champion John Seasock in Advance Auto Parts Grinder. What else is historic is that Brown also defeated Grave Digger in the semi-finals. What a day for Dustin who also had his wife and new son on hand to watch.

The day was also full of excitement from Seasock in Advance Auto Parts Grinder. Not only did he make it to the racing finals for a second time, but he also took home the Wheelie trophy with a score of 28. The Advance Auto Parts Grinder fans were on their feet after the wheelie that took the truck on a spin and landed on its roof. Grave Digger lived up to his reputation by winning the freestyle contest with a high score of 26 as he too rolled over as the clock expired. Here are today's results:

Advance Auto Parts Grinder 28
Spider-Man 27
Lil' Miss Dangerous is High Maintenance 23
War Wizard 22
Grave Digger 20
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 16

Racing Round One: Monster Mutt Rottweiler def. Spider-Man, War Wizard def. High Maintenance, Advance Auto Parts Grinder def. Grave Digger,

Semi Finals: Grinder def. War Wizard, Monster Mutt Rottweiler def. Grave Digger(fast looser).

Finals: Monster Mutt Rottweiler def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder.

Grave Digger 26
Advance Auto Parts Grinder 24
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 22
War Wizard 21
Spider-Man 19
Lil' Miss Dangerous is High Maintenance 18

By Greg Whitacre

Saturday 7:30

Another spectacular night of Wheelies, Racing and Freestyle took place in the RBC Center. The fans were awesome as they watched their favorite Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Super stars battle it out. Dustin Brown again was impressive as he took home another racing trophy, the second of his young career. John Seasock had problems at the start and did not compete in the first two competitions but made it to freestyle and rocked the house with a top score of 26. Whit Tarlton also took his second win of the weekend by winning the wheelie competition with a top score of 25.

Racing started off with Grave Digger getting a bye in round one as Monster Mutt Rottweiler took the win over Spider-Man. War Wizard also won his first round match up against Lil' Miss Dangerous is High Maintenance. In the semi-finals, War Wizard defeated Grave Digger by inches in a photo finish, which was the same for Monster Mutt Rottweiler in his win over fast looser Spider-Man. In the finals it was so close that Monster Mutt Rottweiler won bye a tongue length over War Wizard. Here are the Wheelie and Freestyle results:

Spider-Man 25
Lil' Miss Dangerous is High Maintenance 23
Grave Digger 22
War Wizard 21
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 15
Advance Auto Parts Grinder Broke

Advance Auto Parts Grinder 26
Grave Digger 24
Monster Mutt Rottweiler 22
Spider-Man 20
Lil' Miss Dangerous is High Maintenance 19
War Wizard Broke

By Greg Whitacre

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